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Menica Living is a special living concept for people who need temporary and affordable housing.


For example, because you:

  • are going through a divorce and do not have an own house yet
  • just arrived in the Netherlands and want to integrate into society
  • you’re young and want to make a first step towards independent living
  • need an intermediate step whilst searching for other accommodation

In our concept, you rent a private room which can be decorated to your taste.

In addition, most units are shared with other residents.

  • Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Bicycle shed
  • Wash facilities

The cost of cleaning the common areas are included in the rent.

In the private space, you can use the WiFi network.


Live independently on your own with always company in the vicinity

Due to the mutual common spaces, there is always room for socializing.

Residents cook together, socialize and take meals together.

Are there any problems or differences of opinion where you are not true to each other than Menica Vastgoed bv has a counselor to help you solve the problem.

Menica Vastgoed bv realizes this living concept in close collaboration with municipalities, construction companies, housing associations, investors, health care institutions and private promoters in the regions Haaglanden and Rijnmond.

Good to know

When entering into a rental agreement we charge one month’s rent as a security deposit.

We regularly have rooms available for new tenants.

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